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BIOCOFF Emergency System


The BIOCOFF Emergency System, patented as industrial invention, is a unique funeral container.

It is designed for an initial and immediate use during emergency, in difficult situations like natural disasters, including those with a high number of victims.

The BIOCOFF Emergency System is manufactured according to the health, conomical, religious and moral requirements that these tragedies demand.



System description


The BIOCOFF Emergency System is manufactured in multilayered, high resistant corrugated cardboard, with accessories in Mater-Bi.



Fully biodegradable, weather and impact resistant during operations.





Main uses


The special features of the BIOCOFF Emergency System make it functional , both for logistic and economical value, to serve the purposes of Civil Protection, for first and immediate emergency and, besides, for the subsequent transport, cremation or burial of the remains.


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Technical characteristics




§ box in multilayered cardboard


§ Accessories in Mater-Bi





§ folded: 235cm x 146cm x 3cm



§ unfolded: 190cm x 50cm x 47cm





Complete Kit: 14 kg



Technical features


Mechanical strenght¹


§ Bursting strength (DIN EN ISO 2759)                                             6078 kPa

§ Wet bursting strenght*  (DIN ISO 3689)                                       2254 kPa

§ Puncture resistance (DIN 53142-1)                                               > 42 J

§ Edgewise  crush resistance (DIN EN ISO 3037)                           38,1 kN/m

§ Bonded joint moisture resistance* (TAPPI T 812)                      no layer separation





§ Water resistance  10 days



Bio degradation rate³


§ Biodegradation after 60 days (Sturm Test – ASTM-D509-91)  96%



¹ tested byBFSV Hamburg Germany Certificate nr. 5983

² tested by D.I.S.E.G. Università di Genova – Certificate nr. 137727

³ tested by AIB-VINÇOTTE International s.a. Brussels – Certificate nr. O 01-023-261-A

* after 24h submerged in water


Normative references


§ Decree of the President of the Italian Republic D.P.R. 10/09/1990 nr. 285

§ Resolution of the Ministry of Health 24/06/1993 nr.24

§ Decree of the Ministry of Health 9 July 2002 - (promulged  on G.U. nr. 170 del 22/07/2002)

§ Regional Law 18/11/ 2003 nr.22 (promulged on Bollettino Ufficiale della Regione Lombardia 1° Suppl. Ordinario al n. 47 – 21/11/2003)




The BIOCOFF Emergency System is packed in kits for easy storage and rapid       deployment.

It can be delivered on pallets of different capacities (5, 10…till a maximum of 40 kits), and has practical qualities that no other system presently on the market can offer.

There are no explicit descriptions on the outer packaging of the kit in order to lessen the emotional impact  on people or communities already affected by tragic events.







The packaging of the BIOCOFF Emergency System on pallets*, being perfectly homogeneous and geometrical, allows a functional superposition of the parcels for an optimal utilization of logistic spaces , also in preventive mode, if compared to the traditional coffins.







For example, on a small size logistic platform (l4,80 x p6,40m x h3,90m), 24 pallets of BIOCOFF Emergency System can be stored, for a total of 960 kits.

In the same space, a maximum of one hundred traditional coffins can be stored.



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                                                  Map view


                    feretro12       feretro13

                                                               Section view





The packaging on pallets gives the BIOCOFF Emergency System a high handling agility that allows easy management either in an equipped logistic platform or on the operational spot and easier loading and unloading operations…


          feretro14   feretro15





and transportation using any available mean :


feretro16  feretro14








The lightness of the materials used to manufacture the BIOCOFF Emergency System allows the system to be easily handled, even in hostile surroundings and/or particularly hard circumstances, employing a minimum of resources


                 feretro21            feretro22


            feretro23     feretro24




The assembly of the BIOCOFF Emergency System is very easy, quick and intuitional; the container can be prepared in a few seconds, even by unskilled people and without using any kind of hand tool.


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                    feretro27             feretro28

              feretro29               feretro30




TheBIOCOFF Emergency System, when folded, maintains its features of endurance, homogeneity and geometric continuity, which ensures stability also when piling multiple coffins.






Identification and tracking


The BIOCOFF Emergency System can be supplied with a unique patented mechanical

tamper-proof locking device, supported by various levels of RFID technology, for real-time body identification and tracking.









The BIOCOFF Emergency  System is manufactured with materials mostly made of recycled fibers and polymers of new conception: 100 % biocompatible and biodegradable.

It has obtained the authorization of the Italian Ministry of Health to replace, fully and effectively, the use of the traditional zinc coffins.






Operational need : about:                  1.000 coffins

- Aircraft on duty :                               Hercules C130 short   

- Distance :                                            10 hours of flight

- Cost/hour of flight  :                          7.000 (estimated)


                                         System BIOCOFF Emergency                      Traditional coffins

Load                                       12 pallets/480 kits                                  Max 100 coffins

Loading conditions                        Steady                                                    Unsteady 

Load weight                               about 6.700 kg                                        about 8.500 kg

Nr of flights needed                           2                                                                 10

Total operational cost            140.000,00                                            700.000,00

Unit operational cost                 145,00                                                     730,00




The BIOCOFF Emergency System is a unique funeral container with technical properties that  comply to the provisions of health and safety regulations, according to which it has been declared suitable  for replacing the traditional coffins in case of:


§ Natural disaster;

§ Accidental death in a public place ;

§ Transport for burial or cremation.